Thursday, October 17, 2013

Zippy the Pinhead Update

01/05/94 "The Queen of Clean " Hotel le Marquis - 31st Manhattan New York
01/06/94 "the Look of Love" Hotel le Marquis - 31st Manhattan New York

01/27/94 "Doin the Demographics"    Pittsburgh Penn.

04/07/94 "Drinks with the Spinx" Luxor Hotel Las Vegas NV

03/10/94 Life in the Last Lane  Massapequa (Long Island NY)

03/24/94 "Road Worrier" 47 Red Maple DR. Levittown NY

03/25/94 "The Book Of Levittonicus" -  47 Red Maple DR. Levittown NY
03/29/94 "Crying Wolfe" -  47 Red Maple DR. Levittown NY
 05/19/94"The Yuk Stops Here"  Freeway overpass near Calexico CA

 06/21/94 "Instant Whiner"  downtown Las Vegas NV

 06/22/94"All The Way To The Bank"   Liberace Museum Las Vegas

 06/23/94 "In The Beginning Was The Void" Various Las Vegas Locations

06/28/94 "Truth Served 5 To 6 P.M."   Wolfie's Miami Beach FL
06/29/94 "No Rhyme Or Reason"      Wolfie's Miami Beach FL
06/30/94 "Down By The Sea"  Wolfie's Miami Beach FL

 08/22/94 "Salisbury Stake-Out"   Stonehenge 8 miles (13 km) north of Salisbury UK

08/23/94 "Wolfman"  China - the Great Wall (exact location unknown) 

12/03/94 "The Bus To Bisbee  - Unknown "rest stop" Kingman AZ
 12/05/94 "Tumbling Along"  -  Bisbee AZ 

 12/7/94 "What's Mine Is Yours"   -Bisbee AZ 

 02/11/95  "Elevator Music"  - Inside the elevator of the Transamerica  Pyramid Building San  Francisco CA

 03/07/95 "White Stuff, Green Stuff"  -  Highway 50 California Near Twin  Bridges 

Camp Richardson CA (South of Lake Tahoe's Emerald Bay)