Monday, October 28, 2013

Over 50 "New" waymark locations added to the database

Since our last update,  a long long time ago, there have been over 100 new Waymarkable locations created or identified in the Zippy the Pinhead universe. 

Over 40 of these are obvious locations but have not been identified to state or country. These were detailed in the previous post titled 42 possible Waymarking locations for those who like challenges. Seriously,  if you like researching these might be great waymarks to search for. 

This post details the 50 plus locations that have been identified by location. In some cases only the region is identified but in many cases the exact address has been included. 

All of these waymarks have been added to the State or Country pages that list the known waymarks available in that particular locale. 

This is a great resource for waymarkers to identify locations that may be available in their area to waymark. 

The individual state or country resources can be found using the links below. 

Locations in the United States

Locations in the Rest of the World

Below are the waymarkable locations added to the individual state and country pages.  If you have exhausted your areas possibilities glance through them and see if any have been added that my be in your back yard.

Happy Waymarking

10/17/13 "Panel Of Experts"   Oh Fudge Lucille's Candies 4105 Long Beach Blvd Beach Haven, NJ 08008

09/17/13 "Donut Ask For Whom The Jelly Rolls"   Mello-Creme Donuts 22 S Metcalf St Lima, OH 45804

09/12/13  "Stool Pigeons"  Yankee Diner Quechee Village, Route 4 Quechee, VT

09/06/13  "Clowntervention" Clown Motel 521 N Main St, Tonopah, NV 89049

08/27/13  "Room One Sixteen" Clown Motel 521 N Main St, Tonopah, NV 89049

08/26/13 "Lodging A Complaint"    Clown Motel 521 N Main St, Tonopah, NV 89049
08/08/13 "Taken By Pirates"   Trimper's Rides and Amusements, Ocean City, Maryland

08/04/13 "Sunday Strip"  - Olga's Diner Marlton, NJ (Soon to be destroyed July 2013 Report)

07/22/13 "Eureka Moment"  Eureka, CA
Panel 1 Unknown
Panel 2-4 Shanty  213 3rd Street. Eureka

07/20/13 "Dazed In Dayville"  Zip’s Diner / Dining Car Connecticut 101 Killingly/Dayville, CT 06241

07/18/13  "Iconic, Yet Ironic"   Bendix Diner Rt 17 & Williams Ave, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604

07/07/13  "Sunday Strip" Safeway on Market St, San Francisco, CA 

06/30/13 "Sunday Strip"  -

Panel 3  Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, Mesa Verde Colorado
Panel 4 Unidentified Florida Railway Depot

06/12/13  "Grand, Yet Central" Grand Central Station, NY, NY

06/09/13  "Sunday Strip"  Duluth Minnesota (downtown Starbucks)

03/21/13  "Coming Up For Air"   Village Diner   268 Route 6 and 209, Milford, PA 18337
03/02/13 "Huntz Hall Lives"   Eggie's Diner 6 Main Street,  Atkinson, NH

02/28/13  "Booth Truth"   Starview Diner 9 S White Horse Pike, Somerdale, NJ 08083

02/23/13 "Pit Bulls" Charcoal Pit 2600 Concord Pike, North Wilmington, DE

02/09/13  "Bert Gets Mad"    Charcoal Pit 2600 Concord Pike, North Wilmington, DE

02/01/13  "El And Gone"  - Myrtle Ave El, New York, NY

01/30/13 "Hendrix Street"  Cape Cod MA

01/28/13   "Under The Blanket"  Brooklyn NY

01/10/13  "Valiant Prints"   Bob & Edith's Diner  2310 Columbia Pike  Arlington, VA 22204

 01/05/13    "It"    Blue & White Carry Out - 1024 Wythe St, Alexandria, VA.

11/30/12   "Ich Bin Ein Frankfurter"   Frankfurt Germany possibly one other German location

11/23/12   "Curb Appeal" Brooklyn New York

11/16/12  "Tailor Made" 
Panel 1  Bel-Loc Diner  1700 E Joppa Rd  Parkville, MD 21234
Panel 2 Unknown Location

11/14/12 "Form-Fitting" Baltimore MD 

11/13/12   "Fully Sheathed"   Various locations in Baltimore MD
Panel 1 Belvedere Hotel
Panel 2 Biltmore Suites
Panel 3 Braxton Hotel
Panel 4 Unknown

11/12/12  "Formative Moment" Various locations in Baltimore MD 
Panel 1-3 Row House streets

Panel 4 Brewer's Hill district

11/03/12  "Two Guys from the Guyland"  - Bert's 50's Diner -28760 Three Notch Rd  Mechanicsville, MD

10/11/12   "Bubble, Bubble"  4 Aces Diner 23 Bridge St,  West Lebanon, NH 03784
09/22/12 "Butte-ification"   Monument Valley AZ
Panel 1 West Mitten Butte
Panel 2  Unidentified Butte
Panel 3 Merrick's Butte in Monument Valley, Arizona

09/ 19/12  "No Semolina"  SAGA MOTOR HOTEL - Pasadena CA

09/15/12   "Purple Passion"   New Ideal Diner - Aberdeen MD

08/18/12   "Jingo Bingo"  USA Country Diner - US Hwy 30, Windsor, NJ  

08/19/12  Sunday Strip  Long Island NY

08/14/12    "Lights, Camera, Patty Melt!"   - Hollywood Diner, Dover, De

07/29/12   Sunday Strip   Various Hoboken, NJ locations

07/16/12    "Shadow Play"   3rd Avenue, NY, NY (historic perspective)

07/08/12 Sunday Strip New York, NY (historic perspective)

 06/18/12   "Talk Is Cheep"  - Columbia Diner - Hudson, New York

02/20/10  "A Real Butte" - Grundy Gulch Montana/ Butte Montana Street Scene? (Web Blog regarding strip)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Possible Waymarking Locations for Those Who Like Challenges.

Wamarkable but unknown locations: Links take you to the strip.

10/23/13 "Dumbo, Come Home"   Unknown Location

10/10/13  "Coat Du Jour" Parthenon Diner Unknown Location

09/26/13  "Game Of Scones"    Unknown Diner Location

09/07/13  "One Sigh Fits All" Unknown Diner Location

09/01/13 "Sunday Strip" Unknown Cityscape

08/09/13  "Way Off The Widmark" Unknown Location

08/01/13  "Reflections"    Unknown Diner Location

06/25/13  "For Harry Wagstaff Gribble"  Unknown Location

06/15/13  "Taken For Granite"   Unknown Location

06/13/13  "Halting Walt" Unknown Location

03/07/13  "Sign Felled"  Unknown Location

02/16/13   "Hold The Tusk"  Various Unknown Locations

02/10/13 "Sunday Strip" - Various Unknown Storefronts (New York?)

05/14/12  "Deciding Factor"   Unknown Diner Location

05/19/12  "Crisis In The Produce Aisle"   Unknown Diner Location
05/31/12  "Matinee" Unknown Diner Location

06/14/12  "Hollywood And Whine"   Unknown Diner Location

06/21/12 "Bad Zippy"   Unknown Diner Location

06/30/12 "Dining Out"  Unknown Diner Location

07/14/12   "Warning: No Outlet"   Unknown Street Location

07/28/12  "Needed: One Blanche"  Unknown Diner Location Los Angeles  

 08/13/12  "Meltdown At The Melting Pot"   Unknown Diner Location

08/15/12  "Rain Check"   Unknown Street Location

08/23/12  "A Mouthful"  Unknown Diner Location

08/30/12  "Survey Results"  Unknown Diner Location

09/01/12  "Political Reflux"   Whip Flip Unknown Location

09/07/12  "Horn Of Plenty"  Possibly near Wilmington DE

09/29/12   "Soarin' With Soren"  Unknown Diner Location

10/09/12  "Tikipedia"  Unknown Location 

10/13/12  "Twenty Cents Worth"  Unknown Location 

10/18/12   "Here's The Wrinkle"   Unknown Diner Location

10/20/12  "Electile Dysfunction"  Unknown Location 

11/09/12   "Backhoe, Ho Ho..."   Unknown Location 

11/11/12 "Sunday Strip"  Unknown Location 

11/16/12  "Tailor Made" 
Panel 1  Bel-Loc Diner  1700 E Joppa Rd  Parkville, MD 21234
Panel 2 Unknown Location 

11/18/12 "Sunday Strip"   Unknown Location

11/22/12  "Drawing Conclusions"   Unknown Location 

11/24/12  "Potter's Field"  Unknown Location 

12/01/12  "Foreign Dignitaries"   Unknown Location

12/06/12  "Out Standing In Their Field"  Unknown Location

12/08/12 "Swishbuckler"  Unknown Location

12/19/12  "Breakfast With Mr. Johnson"  Unknown Location

12/20/12  "Sin City"  Unknown Location

12/27/12   "Sugar Shock"   Unknown Location
12/29/12  "Noreen, Cuisine Queen"   Unknown Location


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Zippy the Pinhead Update - Waymarked locations 2012/13

Submissions to the Zippy the Pinhead Locations category at have been updated through October 17th 2013.

If you notice any discrepancies please bring it to our attention.

Unidentified "Real Places"

Unidentified "Real Places"

These may be real places but cannot be verified as "real" on the internet.

06/21/15 Sunday Strip - Unknown Muffler Man Location

06/15/2015  "On Location"  - Unknown Muffler Man Location

05/30/2015 "Counterintuitive"  - Unidentified Diner - Unknown 

05/21/2015 "Short Circuit"Unknown Location California

05/15/2015 "Claude Knows" -  Unidentified Diner - Unknown 

05/08/2015 "In A Garden State" - Unknown In-N-Out Burger Location California

04/17/2015 "Cone Zone"    - Unknown Twister Sign Location and Twistee Stand Location

02/13/2015 "Stool Sample"   - Unknown Location

01/29/2015  "Claude Copes"    - Unknown Location

01/24/2015 "Leaning Right" - Unknown Muffler Man Location

01/12/2015 "Love Triangle"  - Unknown Muffler Man Location

12/12/2014 "Muffled" - Unknown Muffler Man Location

10/20/2014 "How Victorian"  - Unknown Location

09/15/2014 "VACANCY" - Unknown Motel, Possibly Cleveland OH

08/21/2014 "Culinary Crisis"  - Unknown Location

07/19/2014 "Green With Ennui" - Unknown Location

06/19/2014 "To Smaug And Smaug Not"  -  Unknown Architecturally Unique Structure

05/29/2014 "Rebel Without A Pause" -  Unidentified Diner - Unknown 

05/24/2014 "For Irving Mainway" - Unknown Gas Station Location

07/13/2014 Sunday -  Unidentified Diner - Unknown 

04/24/2014 "Somebody Goofed"  - Unknown Amusement Park

04/10/2014 "Holding Court"   - Unidentified Diner - Unknown

01/16/2014 "X-ed Out"  - Unidentified Diner - Unknown

01/04/2014 "I Eat, Therefore I Am"  Unidentified Diner - Unknown

03/01/94  Objects at Rest  Somewhere in Long Island New York
Panel 2 Vista Villa  Mobile Acres
Panel 3 Villa Vista Mobile Bar & Grill

09/05/94 "Supermarket Salvation"  - Unknown Safeway Location

10/20/94  "The Three Z's"  -  Unknown 


Zippy the Pinhead Update

01/05/94 "The Queen of Clean " Hotel le Marquis - 31st Manhattan New York
01/06/94 "the Look of Love" Hotel le Marquis - 31st Manhattan New York

01/27/94 "Doin the Demographics"    Pittsburgh Penn.

04/07/94 "Drinks with the Spinx" Luxor Hotel Las Vegas NV

03/10/94 Life in the Last Lane  Massapequa (Long Island NY)

03/24/94 "Road Worrier" 47 Red Maple DR. Levittown NY

03/25/94 "The Book Of Levittonicus" -  47 Red Maple DR. Levittown NY
03/29/94 "Crying Wolfe" -  47 Red Maple DR. Levittown NY
 05/19/94"The Yuk Stops Here"  Freeway overpass near Calexico CA

 06/21/94 "Instant Whiner"  downtown Las Vegas NV

 06/22/94"All The Way To The Bank"   Liberace Museum Las Vegas

 06/23/94 "In The Beginning Was The Void" Various Las Vegas Locations

06/28/94 "Truth Served 5 To 6 P.M."   Wolfie's Miami Beach FL
06/29/94 "No Rhyme Or Reason"      Wolfie's Miami Beach FL
06/30/94 "Down By The Sea"  Wolfie's Miami Beach FL

 08/22/94 "Salisbury Stake-Out"   Stonehenge 8 miles (13 km) north of Salisbury UK

08/23/94 "Wolfman"  China - the Great Wall (exact location unknown) 

12/03/94 "The Bus To Bisbee  - Unknown "rest stop" Kingman AZ
 12/05/94 "Tumbling Along"  -  Bisbee AZ 

 12/7/94 "What's Mine Is Yours"   -Bisbee AZ 

 02/11/95  "Elevator Music"  - Inside the elevator of the Transamerica  Pyramid Building San  Francisco CA

 03/07/95 "White Stuff, Green Stuff"  -  Highway 50 California Near Twin  Bridges 

Camp Richardson CA (South of Lake Tahoe's Emerald Bay)