Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zippy the Pinhead locations updates

Zippy has visited several new locations since the last update and is scheduled to visit a few more in August according to the Zippy's Real Places in Daily Strips page. They have been added to the state lists below.

07/16/10 Motel Fix - Hearthside Village Motel, Bethlehem NH    Hearthside Village Motel on the web

07/09/10 Sidekick Powers - Los Angeles CA   No Link Available/Found

07/02/10 Wax Impression - Los Angeles CA   No Link Available/Found

06/22/10 Manimalism - Philip Johnson Glass House, New Canaan CT  The Philip Johnson Glass House on the web

05/04/10 Half-Size Half-Wit - Plymouth MI  Half Wit style Muffler Man

04/30/10 Jolson Jabber - Hillside Memorial, Culver City CA  Al Jolson Memorial

02/15/10 Stonewalled - Rock City, Minneapolis KS (Misidentified as the Squeak Chic strip) on the Zippy site Rock City on the web  

In a foreshadowing of things to come the Real Places page lists two upcoming locations as well.

08/17/10 Love In The Outback - Merced CA
08/06/10 Square Root Beer - Albany OR

The Found Locations have also been updated on posts for each state.  As of this update 249 Zippy the Pinhead locations have been found in the "real world" Who will find number 250?