Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Updated the listings with the last ten submissions.

up through the 9th of August.

Several new locations featured in Zippy strips lately but I cannot ID most of them.

Todays strip is almost certainly Maple Donuts in Etters, Pennsylvania. This page has another photo of the spot.

August 10th finds Zippy at an unidentified diner. Real world location unknown.

August 3rd has an Easter Island style head in front of a fence....Not on Easter Island I am sure but it's location as of yet is unknown.

July 28th and Zippy is at yet another unidentified diner that is no doubt a real world location.

The July 27th strip is a spot I can't identify but looks familiar as if I have seen it waymarked somewhere else before.

On July 20th the strip featured a pair of pants & boots sculpture. Where is it....who knows.

I thought this strip featuring three rocks must be an actual location given the emphasis on the rocks but it turns out it is a tribute or at least a nod of the head to a technic used by Lulu artist Ernie Bushmiller.