Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Zippy locations that can be waymarked

New Zippy comic that have waymarking potential.

Tennessee & Virginia in Bristol (City is located in both states)

This strip finds Zippy visiting The Burger Bar @ 8 Piedmont Ave
Bristol, VA.

This strip may or may not be associated with an actual permanent location but It may be. I just can't find an online reference for this particular shoe. It is probably part of this 2007 fund raising campaign in New York.

Zippy visited The Chrysler Building again in this recent strip.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Latest Zippy update

Updated the resource list today with the last 13 submissions updated as "found" locations.

Waymarks were placed in 9 different states out of the 13.

Congrats to nomadwillie who has located 21 Zippy the Pinhead locations throughout the Northeast.

DopeyDuck found this strip that wasn't in the Zippy Locations in the Real World list that I could see.

Nice find.