Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Zippy visited a few more locations since last August when we did the last update. State and country lists will be updated.

12/21/10 La Grande Tete Bleue Parle - Nice, France

12/03/10 Quoit Roight - Columbus OH

11/30/10 Take It Easel - Sculpture, Sterling VA

11/09/10 Napster - "Pastoral Dreamer" by Daniel Phelps, Leawood KS

10/24/10 (Sunday Strip)
1) Valley of the Gods, Utah.
2 & 3) Canyonlands National Park, Utah.
4) Arches National Park, Utah.

08/17/10 Love In The Outback - Merced CA

08/06/10 Square Root Beer - Albany OR Between Albany and Lebanon

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zippy the Pinhead locations updates

Zippy has visited several new locations since the last update and is scheduled to visit a few more in August according to the Zippy's Real Places in Daily Strips page. They have been added to the state lists below.

07/16/10 Motel Fix - Hearthside Village Motel, Bethlehem NH    Hearthside Village Motel on the web

07/09/10 Sidekick Powers - Los Angeles CA   No Link Available/Found

07/02/10 Wax Impression - Los Angeles CA   No Link Available/Found

06/22/10 Manimalism - Philip Johnson Glass House, New Canaan CT  The Philip Johnson Glass House on the web

05/04/10 Half-Size Half-Wit - Plymouth MI  Half Wit style Muffler Man

04/30/10 Jolson Jabber - Hillside Memorial, Culver City CA  Al Jolson Memorial

02/15/10 Stonewalled - Rock City, Minneapolis KS (Misidentified as the Squeak Chic strip) on the Zippy site Rock City on the web  

In a foreshadowing of things to come the Real Places page lists two upcoming locations as well.

08/17/10 Love In The Outback - Merced CA
08/06/10 Square Root Beer - Albany OR

The Found Locations have also been updated on posts for each state.  As of this update 249 Zippy the Pinhead locations have been found in the "real world" Who will find number 250?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Updated the found locations through the 8th of February.

Props to nomadwillie for locating 21 new locations in October of 2009. There was one strip that was waymarked in this set that wasn't listed on the lists that I have found.

DougK added another 12 so far this month. His submissions are always impressive. Doug purposefully approach each waymark and captures the location as it is depicted in the Zippy the Pinhead strip. He also goes above and beyond with local information about the spot if it is available.

DougK also clarified a strip that had a panel location that was unrecognized in the strips location list. Impressive waymarking.

Additional waymarks were added in:

Michigan by Rattrak
Virginia by La de Boheme
and a pair in Indiana by vhasler

Thanks to all.