Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Possible Waymarking Locations for Those Who Like Challenges.

Wamarkable but unknown locations: Links take you to the strip.

10/23/13 "Dumbo, Come Home"   Unknown Location

10/10/13  "Coat Du Jour" Parthenon Diner Unknown Location

09/26/13  "Game Of Scones"    Unknown Diner Location

09/07/13  "One Sigh Fits All" Unknown Diner Location

09/01/13 "Sunday Strip" Unknown Cityscape

08/09/13  "Way Off The Widmark" Unknown Location

08/01/13  "Reflections"    Unknown Diner Location

06/25/13  "For Harry Wagstaff Gribble"  Unknown Location

06/15/13  "Taken For Granite"   Unknown Location

06/13/13  "Halting Walt" Unknown Location

03/07/13  "Sign Felled"  Unknown Location

02/16/13   "Hold The Tusk"  Various Unknown Locations

02/10/13 "Sunday Strip" - Various Unknown Storefronts (New York?)

05/14/12  "Deciding Factor"   Unknown Diner Location

05/19/12  "Crisis In The Produce Aisle"   Unknown Diner Location
05/31/12  "Matinee" Unknown Diner Location

06/14/12  "Hollywood And Whine"   Unknown Diner Location

06/21/12 "Bad Zippy"   Unknown Diner Location

06/30/12 "Dining Out"  Unknown Diner Location

07/14/12   "Warning: No Outlet"   Unknown Street Location

07/28/12  "Needed: One Blanche"  Unknown Diner Location Los Angeles  

 08/13/12  "Meltdown At The Melting Pot"   Unknown Diner Location

08/15/12  "Rain Check"   Unknown Street Location

08/23/12  "A Mouthful"  Unknown Diner Location

08/30/12  "Survey Results"  Unknown Diner Location

09/01/12  "Political Reflux"   Whip Flip Unknown Location

09/07/12  "Horn Of Plenty"  Possibly near Wilmington DE

09/29/12   "Soarin' With Soren"  Unknown Diner Location

10/09/12  "Tikipedia"  Unknown Location 

10/13/12  "Twenty Cents Worth"  Unknown Location 

10/18/12   "Here's The Wrinkle"   Unknown Diner Location

10/20/12  "Electile Dysfunction"  Unknown Location 

11/09/12   "Backhoe, Ho Ho..."   Unknown Location 

11/11/12 "Sunday Strip"  Unknown Location 

11/16/12  "Tailor Made" 
Panel 1  Bel-Loc Diner  1700 E Joppa Rd  Parkville, MD 21234
Panel 2 Unknown Location 

11/18/12 "Sunday Strip"   Unknown Location

11/22/12  "Drawing Conclusions"   Unknown Location 

11/24/12  "Potter's Field"  Unknown Location 

12/01/12  "Foreign Dignitaries"   Unknown Location

12/06/12  "Out Standing In Their Field"  Unknown Location

12/08/12 "Swishbuckler"  Unknown Location

12/19/12  "Breakfast With Mr. Johnson"  Unknown Location

12/20/12  "Sin City"  Unknown Location

12/27/12   "Sugar Shock"   Unknown Location
12/29/12  "Noreen, Cuisine Queen"   Unknown Location