Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oldest Waymarked Zippy Strips

The database for Zippy the Pinhead Real World locations starts about the year 2000. However, the creator of the comic, Bill Griffith has been featuring real world locations for much longer than that. 

You can find locations in various annuals and other book collections dating way back. 

The database itself is not perfect. Locations have been listed incorrectly or not at all. Several waymarkers have found locations that simply are not listed in any of the online resources using these other resources. These waymarks always impress me because they took some real research to find them.

The oldest waymark created is from a strip that ran on 04-07-1994  
Luxor - "Drinks with the Sphinx" - Las Vegas, NV   was posted by Go Boilers!. What an amazing find.

DougK has seven locations from two strips dating to 1998.
California Street Victorians - "Sunday Strip" - San Francisco, CA 
Mason Street View of Transamerica Building - "Sunday Strip" - San Francisco, CA 03-01-1998
Alcatraz from Hyde Street - Sunday Strip - San Francisco, CA  06-21-1998

Doug has another oldie from a strip that ran on 05-30-1999
Griffith Observatory - "Sunday Strip" - Los Angeles, CA

Followed by this one created for the 11-19-1999 strip by FiVermont