Friday, February 18, 2011

New opportunities for Zippy the Pinhead Locations.
Coming UP -- 03/28/11 A Ton Of Fun - Bossier City LA

01/07/11 Short Stack -  Pancake Circus, Sacramento CA

01/06/11 Cheap Gag - Valley Diner UNKNOWN LOCATION (not listed in Zippy's Real Places)

02/06/11 Sunday Strip - Boardwalk Bowl, Santa Cruz CA    Waymarked by
saopaulo1  on 02/13/2011 the fastest comic to waymark creation so far.

Another first: Kudos to DougK for passing the 100 Zippy Locations waymarked. He is currently standing at 116 locations found and posted.  Each waymark that DougK submits is a pleasure to review. If you would like to see a quality waymark open up any one of  Doug's.

Doug also found several locations not listed in the state lists by utilizing Zippy Annuals. These finds include some of the oldest zippy locations waymarked dating to 1998.

These previously unlisted locations are now waymarked and added to the CA state location list.