Friday, January 30, 2009

SPAIN - Zippy the Pinhead locations

08/02/07 Whirled History - Girona, Spain

07/31/07 Natural State - Figueres, Spain

07/26/07 Zippy Takes A Dali Day -
Salvador Dali Museum, Figueres, Spain

07/22/07 (Sunday Strip)
Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain
Finca Gate,
Parc Guell - Waymarked by  bluesnote
Casa Mila Last Panel - Waymarked by razalas

07/13/07 Dada Vinci - Barcelona, Spain

07/04/07 Barbarian At The Gates -
Barcelona, Spain
Casa Mila &
Parc Guell,    Waymarked by manchanegra

07/02/07 Point Of Purchase - Barcelona, Spain

11/25/05 Parade Rest -
Las Ramblas, Barcelona Spain,
translation: Hello Zippy! I am a gigante. Ask me anything!

06/24/05 Stuffed Shirt - Museo Textil, Barcelona Spain

06/12/05 (Sunday)
1) Seattle Public Library/Rem Koolhaas Waymarked by alermy
2) TV Tower, Beijing China, Rem Koolhaas
3) Bilbao Spain, Frank Gehry    Waymarked by tmob
4) Barcelona Spain, Frank Gehry
5) Denver Art Museum, Rem Koolhaas